Amigos has lost 75 clients since its inception. Sixty of them died in a skilled nursing facility, during the night, and alone in their rooms. Their lifeless bodies were discovered during the nurses’ morning rounds. These clients had no one to hold their hand during their last hour, and no one to pray for or with them as they transitioned to a new life. Their last words were unheard—their last breath unnoticed. So many of them had no family to be at their side because they were rejected, either because of their HIV/AIDS, because of their lifestyle, or both.

Everybody deserves a humane exit with someone who cares by their side.

Amigos’ goal is to open a home for clients who require hospice care to ensure that they are not alone when they die.

As clients approach their last few days, they will be closely monitored and nurtured around the clock by someone who cares.

The plan is to have four beds available, and when not in use, to allow clients who require acute care to stay until they are well enough to live on their own.

Unlike other patients with serious illnesses, people with HIV and AIDS tend to become acutely ill for two to six weeks, then bounce back. This is particularly true of people who have someone to care for them during their illness. For those living in isolation, their illness could become terminal. These clients need a loving, caring environment to get well. They need the care that Amigos hopes to provide.

This is a tremendous challenge for Amigos, but with community support, it can become more than a dream.


Preparing children for college starts at an early age. Parents need to monitor their children’s progress in school, and also provide guidance and assistance with their children’s homework. This is a universal task.

Parents with HIV or AIDS face many obstacles in assisting their children with these tasks. They suffer from fatigue, and other ailments including Dementia. To them, helping their children is a challenge of high proportions. Tutorial services at school are limited if available.

Yet, all parents want their children to obtain a good education. They are also keenly aware that they might not survive to see their children enter college or even finish high school. Preparation for SAT’s and scholarship/grant seeking is a near-impossible task for them.

Amigos has set up a program that will include tutorial/mentoring services, as well as a scholarship fund. We need donations to continue the project, as well as volunteers to teach and mentor our children. Please call (310) 316-7074 for more information.